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                Types of broadcast, webcasting, live streaming include; Product Videos, Interactive “Talk Show”, Internal Training and Onboarding, Meeting and Announcements, Customer - To Customer Testimonials.
We use Network Bonding Technology. By bonding 3 or more internet network from the various service provider to ensure that the internet streaming is reliable. A typical scenario is from the venue existing Wifi, bonding with 2 mobile service provider for consistent stable stream and redundancy.
We are able to stream to multiple CDN (Content Delivery Network) such as Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, Twitch at the same time. In addition, we are able to provide custom Private Live Streaming Channel viewable in USA, Europe, Korea, Japan, and China.
We understand where video can deliver benefit for your business. We create smart engaging video content which perfectly fits your business strategy and delivers measurable returns on your investment.
We help brands create awareness and tell stories through the medium of video. You can be sure your content will be engaging and executed to the highest production.
Green Screen Studio
Green screen studios are one of the most versatile spaces to shoot a wide range of photo, television, film or commercial productions.
However, you’ll need a professionally designed and well-lit stage if you want a quality end result that doesn’t just look like it’s been cut and pasted onto a virtual background.
Here, you’ll not only be able to pre-record a talk show but also live stream directly with well chroma key virtual background.
Professional Recording and Video Studio
Whether you are a producer, a record label, or a local artist working your way up, we can meet your needs for music and video production, and deliver that big sound only the right mics, rooms, and equipment can provide.
We provide musicians, vocals, recording and mixing, mastering, and specialty services like vocal
tuning, drum editing and replacement, reamping, Pro Tools transfers, composition, music creation, editing, and many more services online.
We offer in-studio videos for bands and artists, and the studio is available for other video assignments, including documentary and behind-the-scenes type videos, song videos, concert videos, and more. Our engineers and camera people are among the best available, and come with years of experience. You can also shoot the video yourself if you have the capability.
We provide professional services:
Corporate videography - Corporate interviews - Event videography
- Video production
- Corporate videos
Live streaming
- Townhall
- Panel discussion
- Corporate webinars & press
- Esport events
Contact us now tell us your live video streaming needs.
21 Tampines Avenue 1
Temasek Launchpad
Block 30 #03-27
Singapore 529757
Tel: (65) 8123 3571
Email: Website:
Trickavu is a Virtual Reality (VR) event services company that are dedicated to bring unprecedented entertainment at the utmost convenience to our clients.
We specialise in concocting and constructing our operations in temporary and permanent physical
spaces to showcase immersive and show-stopping Virtual Reality contents.
Incorporated in 2018, we have worked with various corporate and government bodies alike, creating awareness of the Virtual Reality technologies on how it can complement our daily lives.
We have participated in events ranging from corporates dinners, Brand Marketing, and Team Building, and hosting of VR competitions, all through the usage of the VR technology.
As we aspire to be a reliable and favourable customised Virtual Reality entertainment provider to our clients and business partners and a leader in the events industry, we continue to build on existing strengths and competencies in Virtual Reality entertainment and content creation to expose the possibilities of VR to the masses of the public.
Our Services
Events Support & Management • Recommend the best VR
experience to suit your event
themes and needs
• Enhancing or complementing
your events with our exciting VR experiences
VR Esports & Tournament Management
• Being the founder of the VR
eSports competition, “Asia Virtual eSports Festival”, originated in Singapore, we are able to create and host VR eSports tournaments
Brand Marketing
• Reach out to your target
audience through our customised VR packages where we will ensure crowd pulling and awareness and attention to your brand
Talent Management
• Seek out and nurture potential
and passionate VR eSports enthusiasts/players to ensure that they are well guided should they wish to pursue further endeavors in VR eSports gaming
Educational Experiences, Corporate Training & Customisations
• Explore our VR content to
enhance and complement your learning experiences by bringing fun to education
Have any other ideas that are not listed above? The Trickavu Team is
more than happy to explore it with you!
Your go-to company for VR solutions in Singapore.
“Dare us, Hire us, Challenge us. The possibilities are Virtually Endless.”
(Formerly known as Traveler Wifi Pte Ltd)
50 Tagore Lane
#05-02L Entrepreneur Centre Singapore 787494
Tel: (65) 6652 8470
Email: Website:
Call (65) 6652 8470 for enquiries For quotation request, please submit your WIFI requirements at
Elgonet Pte Ltd provides WIFI services for trade shows, conference, seminar, training and customer events.
We have provided WIFI services for trade shows at Marina Bay Sands, Suntec City and Singapore Expo. We were awarded contracts to supply WIFI services for major sports events - 28th SEA Games 2015, 8th ASEAN Para Games 2015, Singapore National Games 2016 and 2017. And, we have also supported a number of prominent customer events at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Flyer and other venue locations.
With our Enterprise WIFI routers, we have made high-speed WIFI services easy to deploy with short lead-time and without laying of high-cost telecommunication cables.
Simply power on the Enterprise WIFI routers to connect to high speed (4G/LTE) Internet. Enterprise WIFI routers can be scaled up to support hundreds or more WIFI connections and configured with customisable WIFI SSID/Password for branding.
Contact us NOW to get WIFI services for your events!
In addition to Enterprise WIFI routers, we also provide portable Traveler Wifi devices for business travelers and tourists’ rental use in Singapore and Overseas. Online rental and service information is available at

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